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Outreach: Overview

The Fellowship Programme

This internationally innovative, community-based residency programme is the first of its kind in the world. It invites established Irish & international artists and their families to live and work in the village of Ballycastle for periods of 3 weeks to one/two months. They are given, cost free, their studio and accommodation.

As of 2011 over 300 artists have been awarded Fellowships. As many artists return there have been over 500 Fellowship visits to date. The Foundation's programmes have generated over 44,000 documented bednights in North Mayo. A benefit to Mayo, the West, and, indeed, all of Ireland. (Bednight is a tourism industry term which describes a person staying overnight in a town or village.)

Other Outreach Programmes

These include: the education Programme, the Ballinglen Archive, Exhibitions in the Ballinglen Gallery, and National & International Exhibitions.