Printmaking Workshop with Shelley Thorstensen, 23rd – 31st July 2016

Printmaking Expedition: Field Studies in Ireland

Rooted in the print studio, workshop participants will take daily excursions into the Ballinglen countryside as the integral component. This workshop was designed to use what works best in the field: photography, drawing and painting. Two processes were carefully selected for their ability to be largely worked on out of the shop and for their long term usefulness for participants.

Process One: “Silk aquatint intaglio” is a painterly process. It has the ability for plates to be made outdoors, alla prima, and then be proofed at the press. One paints with white acrylic on a dark ground, proofing and making changes as needed.
Process Two: “Pronto plate lithography” is a versatile process. Pronto plates can be drawn on then printed. They can also be used to directly print a photograph on an intaglio press.

Any and all combinations of painting, drawing and photographs can be fused using these two processes. In the shop we will explore color print variations including multiple plate printing, and a host of color print possibilities.
Shelley Thorstensen has expertise in all printmaking techniques, specializing in hand- pulled color multi-print media. Her work is part deep personal archive, part printmaking evangelism, woven together in fabric of color, metaphor and commentary. Art critic Edward Sozanski wrote of her work “The ease with which she combines these processes and exploits their individual strengths gives her prints uncommon presence and, more often than not, transcendent beauty”. Recent solo shows include: From Here on In, Wagner College & University of the Arts (fall 2015), Since the River Spoke at the Rose Lehrman Gallery, (2013), This the Smoke from When the Horses Left at the Painted Bride (2011), Counterpoint: The Leap from Vision to Print at Woodmere Art Museum (2010) & The Preponderance of Evidence at The Print Center (2009).

Print by Shelley Thorstensen

Print by Shelley Thorstensen

￿ Shelley has an undergraduate degree in Experimental Studies from Syracuse University, School of Visual & Performing Arts, and a graduate degree in Printmaking from the Tyler School of Art. She is the founder of Printmakers Open Forum and teaches printmaking at Tyler School of Art. Her work is collected internationally including Cleveland Art Museum, Kenosha Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Palmer Art Museum, Royal Museum of Art (Antwerp), Woodmere Art Museum. Her work can be seen at Dolan/Maxwell in Philadelphia, PA.