Drawing Master Class with Arno Kramer at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation

4th – 12th April, 2015 

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With the growing attention over the last years for drawing in art colleges, as in national and international exhibition as well, it is a good moment to pay more attention to this discipline in a specific Masterclass Drawing.

Professional working artist, with a certain focus on drawing in their oeuvre, will be asked to apply for a 7 day course (five days tuition with 2 days broken into half days to work independently) by Dutch artist and curator Arno Kramer. Arno is a well-known international working artist and curator and has worked at Ballinglen Arts Foundation himself already several times. He has exhibited in Ireland since 1995 very often in the Green on Red Gallery Dublin but also widely in the Limerick City Gallery of Art, The Model and Niland Gallery, Ballina Arts Centre, Galway Arts Centre, The Mermaid Arts Centre, Crawford Gallery and in Cavanacor Gallery. But also in Northern Ireland in Ormeau Bath Gallery, Millennium Court Art Centre, Fenderensky Gallery. He is curator of several drawing exhibitions like Into Drawing Dutch Contemporary Drawing, All About Drawing 50 years of Dutch Drawings, and Into Irish Drawing presented in the Limerick City Gallery of Art. He is currently the curator of the first centre for drawing in Holland called Drawing Centre Diepenheim

Arno Kramer has given lots of lectures and guest lessons on Irish art colleges. In relation to Drawing Day he has given a lecture in the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin

The basic idea for offering a Masterclass Drawing is to focus on already existing works from the participants, which means that every artist should take at least 15 recent drawings to Ballycastle, so that these works can form the beginning of a critic and debate. Arno Kramer will give critic on the works and if possible do suggestions how to continue making drawings from a hopefully new and interesting perspective. It does not matter what the specific content of the drawings is. Every subject or object as starting point for work is welcome. The main focus will be if the drawing has an autonomous quality and be a original piece of art and not a sketch for a painting or sculpture.

The autonomous and developing drawing is nearly a new phenomena. You can think about it not only in content, but also in several techniques, collages and even in the size of the works.

From this perspective it could also be interesting to talk about representation and presentation of drawings, as well as about research and reflection in general.

Why is a drawing, however it is very often the starting point for a piece of art a painting or a sculpture, not excepted as important as the other disciplines? Why is drawing taken less serious as an autonomous art form than painting and sculpture? Why is it nearly not possible to be taken serious as art students when you like to do your final exams only with drawing?

In the 5 days Masterclass it will of course be possible to work on new drawings. If necessary Arno Kramer will suggests ideas as assignment.

 Arno Kramer in studio at Ballinglen Arno Kramer's drawing created at Ballinglen Arno Kramer's work, created at BallinglenIMG_2535
Workshop at Ballinglen

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 Images of Arno Kramer and The Ballinglen Arts Foundation

Other workshop opportunities available in October/November 2015.
Contact Una Forde, email baf@iol.ie for full details.