Drawing MasterClass with Dutch artist Arno Kramer, 14th – 22nd May 2016

With the on growing attention over the last years for drawing in art colleges, as in national & international exhibition as well, it is a good moment to pay more attention to this discipline in a specific Masterclass Drawing. Last year Arno Kramer worked with nine professional artists very successfully on the development of each participants works on paper. The idea of working & talking about everybody’s personal drawings did have a big impact. The results of the whole week was presented in a show with an enormous amount of recent works. Every participant did his own work, most of the time in his or her own tempo, but very much focused on development. Arno Kramer & The Ballinglen Arts Foundation are thinking that a new chance of participating in a Masterclass Drawing would be good. Professional artists can send an application with documentation from their drawings. The basic idea for offering a Masterclass Drawing is to focus on already existing works from the participants, which means that every artist should take at least 15 recent drawings to Ballycastle, so that these works can form the beginning of critic & debate. Arno Kramer will give critic on the works & if possible make suggestions how to continue making drawings from a hopefully new & interesting perspective. It does not matter what the specific content of the drawings is. Every subject or object as starting point for work is welcome. The main focus will be if the drawing has an autonomous quality & be an original piece of art & not a sketch for a painting or sculpture. The autonomous and developing drawing is nearly a new phenomenon. You can think about it not only in content, but also in several techniques, collages & even in the size of the works.

Arno Kramer works as a visual artist & curator in the Netherlands & Ireland. In 2015 he was awarded the Netherlands Artists of the Year, in the older artists category. In 2005 he curated Into Drawing Contemporary Dutch Drawing, this show travelled to 5 European countries. In January 2009, he curated Into Irish Drawing, which began a travelling exhibition in The Netherlands, it then travelled to France & N Ireland. For 20 years, he was a teacher at the AKI Akademie voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving (Academy of the Visual Arts and Design) in Enschede, the Netherlands, & has been a guest lecturer at art colleges in Ireland, England, Scotland & USA. He publishes on the visual arts & also writes poetry. He is currently the first curator of the Drawing Centre Diepenheim in The Netherlands. Recently, he co-curated, with Diana Wind director of the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, All About Drawing.100 Dutch Artists, an overview of 50 years of Dutch drawings, presented in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. His own work has been displayed in the Netherlands, Ireland, England, USA, Sweden, & Germany & is in private & public collections in these countries. Collections include; the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Teylers Museum Haarlem, Rijksmuseum Twenthe Enschede, Van Reekum Museum Apeldoorn, Fries Museum Leeuwarden, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, the Model Arts & Niland Gallery Sligo & the Limerick City Gallery of Art Limerick.

Dutch Artist Arno Kramer in studio.

Dutch Artist Arno Kramer in studio.

Drawing by Arno Kramer

Layers of Land; Layers of Ink : Printmaking Workshop with Catherine Kernan  June 3rd -11th 2016

In Pursuit of the Wayward Muse: Monotype and Monoprint
An intensive exploration of water-based Akua inks and ink modifiers, this workshop provides the context, information, and inspiration to create richly layered monotypes and monoprints in series and variations using soy-based Akua Inks No toxic fumes and extended workability of the inks make it a liberating experience.

With particular attention to mixing and modifying inks for viscosity monotype rolling, we exploit basic additive and reductive monotype techniques. Overprinting, off-set transfers, stamps, stencils, ghost images, and chine collé using a variety of matrices increase the opportunities for “controlled accidents” and “calculated spontaneity”.

Emphasis in the workshop is on identifying and enhancing the synergy between each participant’s own way of making art and the processes of printmaking. Demonstrations, one-on-one consultation, critiques, and print viewing encourage individual directions and the pursuit of projects in depth.

Prerequisites: Artists who have some experience in painting or printmaking are welcome in this workshop.

Catherine Kernan is a partner of Mixit Print Studio in Somerville, Massachusetts, and director of Maud Morgan Arts, an art center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She received her BFA from Cooper Union and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin / Madison. The recipient of numerous grants, Catherine has exhibited widely and her work is in many public, private, and corporate collections.

Print my Catherine Kernan

Print my Catherine Kernan

Plein Air MasterClass with internationally known Artists/Professors Randall Exon & Jeffrey Reed, 18th June – 2nd July 2016

An opportunity for a select group of artists to spend two weeks in rural Ireland painting, drawing, and printmaking with renowned artists Randall Exon & Jeffery Reed. Both Randall & Jeffrey will provide individualized instruction and criticism. Plein air excursions and varied studio methods/workshops will provide the format for an intensive learning experience. Accommodation, meals, use of The Ballinglen Facilities, backup of staff, use of a shared studio, art library, Archive Collection of over 500 works by International artists who have come on residency to Ballinglen.
Professor Randall Exon is the Sara Lawrence Lightfoot Professor of Studio Art at Swarthmore College, Philadelphia, USA. He shows at Hirschl & Adler Modern on 5th Avenue, New York. He was granted a fellowship and residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in 1998 where he returns each year. He is inspired by the mysterious coastal areas of Ballycastle, County Mayo, Ireland as well as the rapidly disappearing farmhouses dotting the Pennsylvania countryside where he now lives, Exon’s evocative landscapes and moody interiors depict actual places infused with memories from his childhood spent in the vast spaces of the Midwest.
Professor Jeffrey Reed is an Associate Professor of Art at the Community College of Philadelphia. He shows at Gross McCleaf Gallery on Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia. Jeffrey Reed received his MFA at the University of Pennsylvania  and  his BFA at the Maryland Institute of Art.  He was granted a fellowship and residency at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in 2000.  Reed has mastered the art of handling light and atmosphere within his delicate, lyrical compositions.  when he is painting on site he feel a connection with the familiar and a sense of discovery at the same time.  he paints in the same locations multiple times allowing him to focus on changes in the light and atmosphere.  typically reed works outside for two to three hours on a painting until he get the essence of a particular landscape.  then back in the studio, the work is focused on developing the forms and trying to resolve the design of the painting.

Working in the Irish Landscape

Working in the Irish Landscape

Printmaking Workshop with Shelley Thorstensen, 23rd – 31st July 2016

Printmaking Expedition: Field Studies in Ireland

Rooted in the print studio, workshop participants will take daily excursions into the Ballinglen countryside as the integral component. This workshop was designed to use what works best in the field: photography, drawing and painting. Two processes were carefully selected for their ability to be largely worked on out of the shop and for their long term usefulness for participants.

Process One: “Silk aquatint intaglio” is a painterly process. It has the ability for plates to be made outdoors, alla prima, and then be proofed at the press. One paints with white acrylic on a dark ground, proofing and making changes as needed.
Process Two: “Pronto plate lithography” is a versatile process. Pronto plates can be drawn on then printed. They can also be used to directly print a photograph on an intaglio press.

Any and all combinations of painting, drawing and photographs can be fused using these two processes. In the shop we will explore color print variations including multiple plate printing, and a host of color print possibilities.
Shelley Thorstensen has expertise in all printmaking techniques, specializing in hand- pulled color multi-print media. Her work is part deep personal archive, part printmaking evangelism, woven together in fabric of color, metaphor and commentary. Art critic Edward Sozanski wrote of her work “The ease with which she combines these processes and exploits their individual strengths gives her prints uncommon presence and, more often than not, transcendent beauty”. Recent solo shows include: From Here on In, Wagner College & University of the Arts (fall 2015), Since the River Spoke at the Rose Lehrman Gallery, (2013), This the Smoke from When the Horses Left at the Painted Bride (2011), Counterpoint: The Leap from Vision to Print at Woodmere Art Museum (2010) & The Preponderance of Evidence at The Print Center (2009).

Print by Shelley Thorstensen

Print by Shelley Thorstensen

￿ Shelley has an undergraduate degree in Experimental Studies from Syracuse University, School of Visual & Performing Arts, and a graduate degree in Printmaking from the Tyler School of Art. She is the founder of Printmakers Open Forum and teaches printmaking at Tyler School of Art. Her work is collected internationally including Cleveland Art Museum, Kenosha Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Palmer Art Museum, Royal Museum of Art (Antwerp), Woodmere Art Museum. Her work can be seen at Dolan/Maxwell in Philadelphia, PA.

Building Books & Imagery with Alice Austin 2nd – 10th September 2016

In this artist book workshop, we will create a variety of book structures, emphasizing the sculptural possibilities of the book. We will start by making paste papers (painted decorative papers) to use as covers for a paper-bound journal. We will continue with the woven flexagon, the flower fold (or endless origami), and then move on to the map fold, with variations on all these forms. The panorama concertina, an accordion book with cut floating panels will be the final book. Short writing exercises will help to create content for our books. To add imagery, we will carve our own rubber stamps, learn line transfer drawing, and create mono prints. Each participant will have the opportunity to discuss their artist books as needed and will leave with the knowledge and techniques to create many more.

Concertina book by Alice Austin.

Concertina book by Alice Austin.

Books created by Alice Austin￿
Alice Austin is a Philadelphia printmaker and book artist. She has worked as a book conservator since 1999 at the Library Company of Philadelphia, the first library in the U.S., founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin. She has been a lecturer at the University of the Arts, teaching book structures, and also teaches workshops at the Center for Book Arts, NYC, and other locations. She earned a BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art, now the University of the Arts, and has been an active member of the Guild of Book Workers since 1998.
Alice has been awarded many artist residencies in Europe, some of which involve teaching and exhibiting. Her work is widely held in private, public and special collections worldwide and you can listen to a podcast about her work from the University of Alabama. Her art work is also featured in “500 Handmade Books,” “Magic Books and Paper Toys,” “1000 Artists’ Books” and “Making Handmade Books.” Her artist books have been reviewed in Fine Books magazine and on-line in the New Yorker magazine’s Book Bench blog.

Rebecca Crowell, Two Oil & Wax Workshops, 14th – 22nd October 10th – 18th November

Artists in this workshop will explore methods of building up abstract paintings in layers using cold wax medium, tube paint, powdered pigments and other media. They will also find new ways to create textures, lines, and color fields using a variety of tools and techniques. The workshop will include plenty of information about technique, but also focus on deeper and thought-provoking aspects of process-oriented abstraction, such as allowing the work to unfold by balancing intuition with intention, & finding one’s personal direction. Classes include demos & lots of work time. Presentations & discussions about developing an abstract language, self-critique, the creative process, and other conceptual concerns are integrated in the course. While some painting experience in any medium is required, the workshops are open to all levels from beginner to advanced and the needs of each individual will be addressed. 
Since earning her MFA in painting from Arizona State University in 1985, Rebecca Crowell has led a life focused on painting. When she is not traveling for teaching or for artist residencies (in such places as the Catalonia region of Spain, northern Sweden, and coastal areas of Ireland) she works almost daily in her studio in rural western Wisconsin. She draws significant influence from these residencies and travels, as well as from her surroundings at home. She is widely considered to be a pioneer in the use of cold wax medium for abstract painting. She has been teaching her original techniques in workshops across the US since 2009.
Rebecca brings professionalism & a working artist’s perspective to her classes. She is known for her innovative painting techniques involving cold wax medium and mixed media, and is represented by a number of fine art galleries in various locations including Dublin, Ireland; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Telluride, Colorado; Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Columbia, Missouri. Her representation with Gormleys Fine Art in Dublin has recently led to international exposure, including several European art fairs.

Rebecca Crowell's Work from The Ballinglen Archive Collection

Rebecca Crowell’s Work from The Ballinglen Archive Collection

Rebecca Crowell

Rebecca Crowell

Abstraction Workshop with Nuala Clarke, 27th October – 4th November 2016

Immersed in this unique environment, delve into the real unseen.

This is a painting workshop focused, not on a particular technique, but on exploring the world of abstraction. Ballycastle & the surrounding rural area is steeped in history, mythology and natural wonder. An immersed experience of it all enriches creativity. Abstraction, as a form, allows for the expression of a myriad of situations and energies. To step into this unknown territory we will gather sensory information, loosen up the hand and get inspiration flowing.The requirements are curiosity and openness to experimentation. It is especially useful for those in transition, those facing a creative block, anyone who would like to expand horizons or those, like me, truly passionate about abstraction!

Daily assistance will be given in the execution of work in the form of morning group sessions. The aim of the week is to create a situation in which you gather/unearth precious internal resources, prompted by the working & outside environment, the impetus for a lifetime of work. There will be an emphasis on collection of information, flights of fancy, profound realisation. The resulting work can take any form; painting on paper, notebook work, drawing and basic mono printing will be encouraged as starting points. The week will be comprised of morning meetings, working trips out into the extraordinary coastal areas, copious time to work in studio and communal dinners.

Nuala Clarke is an Irish artist who lives & works between New York City & Co.
Mayo. Educated at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin. In 2007 she received a fellowship to The Ballinglen Arts Foundation. Nuala is represented by Boltax Gallery in New York, has exhibited in Dublin, Europe & the US. Recent shows include Amid a Space Between: Irish Artists in America at the SFMoMa Artists Gallery, San Francisco (March 2012) & in 2013 a Yeats inspired show at the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo & invited to show at the RHA annual exhibition. In 2014, FIND, a temporary public art project, Castlebar, Co. Mayo and Blink, Westport Arts Festival.
Nuala taught at the New York Open Center, the Interdependence Project and to small groups of painters in NYC. Her teaching style, based on professional experience, focusses on strengthening the students relationship to personal vision.

Workshop Leader Nuala Clarke

Workshop Leader Nuala Clarke Photo credit Deborah Meehan

Nuala ClarkeBenweeHead

2015 Workshops at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation


Drawing Master Class with the prestigious Dutch artist Arno Kramer at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, 4th – 12th April, 2015. Arno has just been announced artist of the year for 2015 and is a leading figure in Drawing. Full details can be found on
or contact baf@iol.ie for full details.

Landscape Painting Workshop with Andrew Wykes at The Ballinglen Arts Foundation Full details contact baf@iol.ie for further details.

First come, first serve basis with some places already taken.
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