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Ballycastle Polke's Grocery and Bar Polke's Bar Ballycastle Resource Center
flowers Mary's Cottage Kitchen Mary's Healy's George o"Grady's Victualler

Ballycastle is a delightful small village on the north coast of County Mayo.

Its one main street has several pubs, two churches, a victualler, and a post office. Mary's Cottage Kitchen sits at the bottom of the hill and The Stella Maris Hotel is located at the quay. There is a tourist office and an arts and crafts store. The Ballinglen Arts Foundation sits right in the middle of town, across from Polke's Pub and grocery store.

View from one of the cottages Rainbow Vew from BAF backyard Ballycastle Beach
Catholic Church Window Box Church of Ireland Seaview

Don't hesitate to let people know you are visiting the Ballinglen Arts Foundation—it will enrich your visit in often surprising ways. Many know about the Foundation and the work it is doing and will be interested in meeting you.