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Other Information

What to Bring


A limited amount of serious artist’s supplies are available in Galway, 2 hours away by car, but only amateur level supplies are available locally. Dublin is fairly well stocked but not quite as extensively as one might wish and is 4 hours away by car. It is possible to order by phone from Dublin but artists are advised to bring all they need with them including a ‘French’ easel if they use one in or out of the studio.


Our advice is always: layers. Do bring something to break the wind as well as the rain. Bring Wellingtons or other waterproof boots, at least ankle high, if you have them. If not, you can buy good Wellingtons locally and there is a supply of extras at The Center. You’ll need at least one warm sweater. (Keep in mind that handsome wool sweaters can be bought, or commissioned, in North Mayo.)

Your Arrival

One of us will be waiting for you when you arrive so please let us know, within an hour, at what time you think you will be arriving. If you are delayed en route, please, keep us informed.

After-hours and emergency phone numbers are as follows:
Una Forde, 096, 43315, Brian Polke, 43016

(The initial zero is for dialling within Ireland. Outside the country you drop the initial zero.)

If you are not able to reach any of us please leave a message on the Foundation’s answering machine (096, 43184).


The Foundation has 2 telephone lines, a fax machine, e-mail facilities, and a dedicated Mac computer for artists. Each artist is given a mobile phone to use during the residency period. Mail is delivered daily each weekday. Typically, a first class letter takes a week to travel to or from the States; 3 days for London; 1-2 days for Dublin.


There are regular services at both the Roman Catholic and the Protestant church in the village.


Ballycastle is blessed with an excellent General Practitioner who has a regular daily clinic and willingly makes house calls. We cannot praise him too highly.


A pamphlet, Local Notes, is given each Fellow upon arrival. It is a detailed list of sources for essentials—and luxuries—within a 20 mile radius.