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BAF Fellowship Archive Responsibility

Each Fellowship artist is asked to contribute to the Archive of The Ballinglen Arts Foundation at least one finished work created during, or in response to, each Fellowship visit, and chosen by the artist in consultation with the Founding Directors.

The Archive is an integral part of The Ballinglen Arts Foundation Fellowship Programme. With it we are creating a significant permanent collection of contemporary art which documents the widely varying responses of Fellowship Artists to the same raw material of community and environment. And at the same time the collection chronicles, in unique form, the history of the Foundation since its inception in 1992.

At Ballinglen we manage to achieve an extraordinary amount in a modest sized building with even more modest financial resources. We function effectively within these limits by not taking on projects or making commitments we cannot fulfill. We have neither the space, the curatorial staff, nor the conservation staff which would enable us to include in the Archive collection either installation works or large-scale sculpture.

We admire much of this work and must be realistic about what we can do in order to do it well. Therefore we must encourage those artists who work in ways we cannot accommodate to apply to other residency programmes which have greater space and more staff.