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Ballinglen Center studio fireplace

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The Ballinglen Centre

Graduating from its early use of vacated primary school classrooms as artists' studios, the Foundation completed in 1996/7 the entirely new two-story Ballinglen Centre building. The top floor comprises four functionally designed studios with the best natural lighting most of the artists have ever encountered. Each studio has hot and cold running water. There is also a drawing porch, a kitchenette, and a lavatory on this floor. Below are administrative offices, disabled-access and standard lavatories, a Common Room, an Art Reference Room housing a collection of art & design books, curatorial space, and a scullery for make-ready and cleanup after meals for the artists and their families—catered, staffed, and often attended by members of the larger community.

Gallery room Printing press

A vernacular courthouse, owned and renovated by the Foundation, has become The Ballinglen Gallery.

The latest addition to the Center is a large printmaking studio. A 12 x 12 inch Conrad press and two 31 x 46 inch Whelan presses have been installed.